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Parent General Information

Parent General Information

School times

Growing Minds Play School opens at 07h00 and closes at 17h00 Monday to Friday. Children must be accompanied by an adult into the school and handed over to the person on duty each day and not left at the gate to enter by him / her self. Likewise, children must be fetched personally. Breakfast is served at 08h00 therefore please make sure your child arrives before 08h00. The gates will not be opened should your child arrive after 08h30.

Parents are requested to make every effort not to be late for collection as it upsets a young child terribly if all the other children leave and he/she is kept waiting. A R60 penalty fee for late collections will be charged. Should you contact us to say you are running late, this penalty will not apply. If it happens more than twice in a month, the penalty fee will apply.

Security at home time

Please understand our concern regarding the collection of your children at home time. We will not allow a child to be picked up by anyone other than a parent (or a chosen ‘pick up’ person given on the Enrolment Form), unless prior arrangement has been made. If you have arranged for your child to go home with someone else, please let us know by way of a note in your child’s notebook. If it is a last minute decision (e.g. you are stuck in traffic), please phone the school.

School uniforms

Boys and girls wear the same uniform. Growing Minds Play School uniforms are to be worn every day for all children 18 months and older.

Summer: Growing Minds t-shirt, Growing Minds navy shorts/skorts and school hat (no hat no play)

Winter: Growing Minds long sleeve shirt and Growing Minds full tracksuit

Footwear for both girls and boys

 Summer: Sandals – parents are free to choose SUITABLE sandals for your child.

Please consider the following when buying sandals:

Sandals should have a solid back or back strap that supports the child’s foot
The child should be able to manage the sandals independently
Winter: Covered shoes with Velcro flap fastenings

Children are not allowed to wear:

Slip slops
Shoes with high heels
Lace-ups (unless your child can tie bows proficiently)

Growing Minds Play School has 4 different age groups:

Little Ducklings: 4 months – 18 months

Busy Bees: 1.5 years – 2.5 year olds

Happy Hippos: 2.5 years – 3.5 year olds

Clever Caterpillars: 4 – 5 year olds


The children hand in their notebooks every morning on arrival. If there is anything you feel you need to let us know about, please write it in the notebook and remind your child to place it in the book-basket. Any money or reply slips etc should also be handed in with the notebook. Please ensure that any monies sent to school are placed in a sealed envelope and clearly marked with your child’s name and what the money is meant for. Please ensure that your child’s notebook is read and signed daily.

Baker – Baker

Friday is Baker – Baker day where the children take turns to bring ‘treats’ to school to share with their friends. This is an opportunity for you and your child to have some quality time together and bake / make something special for the class. Please may I ask for Baker Baker to be homemade rather than purchased. The children love to share their ‘baking’ story with their friends. A list will be sent out with the dates that are applicable to your child.


Monday is our anti-waste collection day. Please see below a list of items collected:

Corks and bottle tops
Fabric off-cuts
Ice cream sticks
Plastic bottle tops
Wallpaper off-cuts
Pieces of string & wool
Shiny paper, X-Rays
Sponges, toilet rolls etc
Birthday Rings

In every child’s life, their birthday is a very exciting event and day. Parents are welcome to bring along a cake and some party treats on your child’s birthday. A special birthday ring is also arranged where parents are encouraged to stay for this special time. Dates will be placed in the notebooks.

Change of details

Please update us on any change of address, telephone numbers and any other information that you think we should know about in order to keep all children’s files up to date.

Sick learners

A child with a runny ‘yellow or green mucus’ nose, a persistent cough, a temperature or contagious illness should not be brought to school. Should a child develop symptoms whilst at school, parents will be notified immediately to collect their child. If your child is ill and will not be attending school, please notify the school before 09h00.


No medication is to be placed or left in a child’s school bag. Growing Minds Play School will not administer any medication to any child as it is not permitted in terms of legislation.

Extra Murals (all extra murals are an independent service offered to Growing Minds and take place during the course of the morning)


Ballet / Modern and Hip Hop Dance (Dancing Kids) is on offer for both boys and girls from the age of 2 years and up.


Soccercise Starz provides an early training platform for children aged 2-5 years old where they will learn various skills, not only in soccer, but other sports that involve playing with a ball.
Swimming lessons


Shongololo Shakers is a fun and unique music and movement class for kids. This great programme promotes language development, encourages spatial awareness and inspires a life-long love of music, rhyme and stories.


Clamber Club is a compulsory extra mural for all children aged 2 – 5 years old. Clamber Club is an extensive, exciting and specialised gross and sensory motor programme that gets children moving.


Swimming lessons
There will be no extra murals during the school holidays (holiday club).

School/Public Holidays

Growing Minds Play School is closed on all Public Holidays. We follow the KZN school calendar. All parents will receive a School Calendar which will stipulate the term dates, holiday club dates and the dates on which the school is closed.

Account Structure 2019

Full day (07h00 – 17h00) R3240 per month

Half day (07h00 – 12h30) R2860 per month

3 Mornings per week (07h00 – 12h30) R2400 per month

The following Terms and Conditions are applicable:

School Fees and Payment

All school fees are payable over 12 months (including December) in advance, on or before the 1st

day of each month. Fees are calculated for the year and are paid as 12 equal payments. This

means January, July and December are full fee months even though they are not full school


January school fees are payable by no later than the 27 December of every year along with the Stationary fee of R550.

Registration Fee and Stationary Levy:

A Registration fee of R850 is payable on date of first enrolment, and a R550 stationary levy will

apply for each new year. These fees are non-refundable. This will be included on the January invoice.

Fundraising / Termly collections

Growing Minds Play School has 1 Fundraiser, 1 Family Fun Day and a book and puzzle collection during the year.
Term 1: Puzzle Collection: R60
Term 2: Book Collection: R70
Term 3: Family Fun Day
Term 4: Art Raffle

If we are notified of an activity we think our children will enjoy and benefit from, parents will be asked to contribute to this.  It is a nominal amount and will only be once a term.

Potty Training

Children who are not potty trained must supply nappies, wipes and bum cream daily in their school bag. Growing Minds Play School will assist in the potty training process and will offer some useful tips. However, for the system to work it is important for parents to work in conjunction with us and reinforce the method and training at home. This is a very special and delicate time.


All parents are requested to please supply the following at the beginning of each term:

4 packs of wet wipes (80 wipes per pack)
2 toilet rolls
1 x 200ml hand soap dispenser (anti-bacterial)
Little Ducklings (4 months – 18 months) Toiletries:

4 packs of wet wipes (80 wipes per pack)
Box of nappy packets
Labelling of all items

Please ensure that all items of clothing, school bags, bottles etc are labelled with your child’s name. Should it not be labelled and we are unable to identify which child it belongs to, it will be placed in the lost property box. Please be reminded that Growing Minds Play School takes no responsibility for lost or broken personal items.

Contact with the teacher

Growing Minds Play School has an open door policy at all times. Should you have any concerns or queries, please write a note in your child’s notebook and we will respond accordingly. Continuous feedback is given to all parents throughout the year.


The following need to be placed into your child’s school bag everyday:

Minimum 5 nappies / 3 undies / panties
Bum cream and 1 pack of wet wipes (please replace when finished)
Growing Minds school hat (no hat no play)
Sun cream (roll on is easier to apply)
Notebook (supplied by Growing Minds)
Spare school t-shirt and shorts
Change of clothing for home time
Zip lock bag for dirty / wet clothes
Water bottle (please label clearly)
No toys are to be brought to school unless it is theme related
Parents are to provide the following important documents once your child has been enrolled to Growing Minds Play School:
A certified copy of your child’s immunization card
2 recent coloured ID photo’s of your child
A certified copy of both Parents/Guardians identity documents
A certified copy of your child’s birth certificate
Signed Enrolment Form
Signed Account Structure form
Signed Indemnity form
Signed Annual Consent Certificate form
Signed Social Media Consent form
Signed Medical Form
Management Structure

Owner: Tracey Lezar

Principal: Linda Marais

Head Teacher: Tamlyn Andersen