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Ashraf has been conducting guided activities in Big 5 area since 2007. Together with many years of corporate exposure in a 22 year career, Ashraf has managed to enthrall guests by combining corporate skills together with bush skills and craft to leave guests with memories to last a life time. 

Ashraf thrives on providing his own unique brand of Nature Guiding for each guest that dares to have an unrivalled experience with Ashtrails African Safaris. Driven by passion and a deep respect for nature, Ashraf has tapped into the vast energy web that nature provides and has in every instance allowed guests to energise themselves in the same way. 

There is always an ancient feeling of nostalgia when you join Ashraf on safari, be it a wilderness backpacking trail in unchartered territory or a guided safari on an open safari vehicle, it will be a unique deep soul fulfilling experience you have to experience. Ash relies on the magic of nature. His life mission is “…to expose everyone to the unlimited powers of nature to uplift souls into greater purpose…” 

Ash continues to be progressive in his development as a top Trails Guide to ensure that every activity with him is as enriching and rewarding. This is an experience you cannot afford to miss!

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Zahira is a a business professional with over 20 years experience, the majority of time was spent mentoring optimizing average performing teams into high powered teams.


So a few years ago I did a little solo trip up to East Africa. 06 July 2005 is exactly 10 years to the day at the time of writing this when I left. In total I spent 90 days on the road in the Landy.

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Words from our clients

Our visit to SA was truly a memorable moment for my family and I. It was everything we wanted with an 11 and 8 year old. Just being able to spend time observing the wildlife of South Africa in a variety of settings, staying in small lodges great meal and the facilities.

Sitting in a private safari vehicle, surrounded by elephants, leopards, giraffes, rhino and hippos. The elephants were so close we were almost able to touch their trunks.
Our first leopard sighting was the most memorable. It was the most exciting part of our holiday. This trip was very educational our kids came away with a greater appreciation for nature.
The passion for wildlife was shown by the guides and safari staff it was truly Unbelievable to say the least. Thank you very much see you next time we are in South Africa.

Neel Singh (Canada)

Thanks for the amazing experience Ash!

It has been a great pleasure meeting you and learning so much about the bush from you.

It is an aspiration to one day have as much knowledge as you do. 

Looking forward to spending more time in the bush with you.

An awesome few days with you but a life long memory, hope we can do all this again soon.

Yet another EPIC experience in the bush with you!!

Ash dit was n’ vooreg om saam met you te stap. Ek het baie van jou geleer. Dankie tot ons weer saam stap..

Dear Ashraf

Thank you for an amazing trip.. Your humour and kindness will always be appreciated especially on a trip as eventful and memorable as this one… 

Baie dankie Ash dat jy jou passie en liefde vie die natuur en bewaring met ons deel. Dankie dat jy met jou rustigheid en geduld ons passie en opgewondenheid akkommedeer. Jy het ons mooi opgepast en die tydjiein die bos vir ons speciaal gemaak 

Van almaal in ons groep